by upgrading the ideas you already have.

by upgrading program you already have.

A VIP experience to enhance your signature framework and program.

The Course Design Blueprint will help you streamline and refine your course, membership, or group program's entire curriculum. It's a bespoke experience based on insider feedback on your course from the POV of a student and a master course designer (that’s me!).

You’ll get all the tools you need to deliver a premium learning experience that attracts students, streamlines your business, and turns your program into a positive testimonial powerhouse.





The Course Design Blueprint includes:


We kick off with a guided reflection to take stock of what’s really going on in your business and/or existing program: what rocks and and what just doesn’t feel right. We’ll also dig into your long-term vision for your business. By uncovering what you really want, we can create a curriculum that helps you get there.


You'll also share any existing curriculum so I can take a look under the hood. Depending on your needs, I can review anything from your hot mess of a Google Drive folder to every minute of video in your modules. Whether you choose a standard curriculum review or full-scale program audit, I'll help curate your best ideas and identify areas for improvement.


We'll come together for a VIP Day to unpack the biggest takeaways from our prep work and dive into an in-depth design of your program's backbone using my Curriculum Foundations Framework. This signature method will give you a simple, repeatable approach to crafting a top quality learning experience.


You’ll also receive a customized map to catalog and organize everything you need to design and deliver your program. This powerful, easy-to-use tool will change your life. No more messy notebooks, piles of post-its, or gunked up Google Drive for you and your team to sift through. This complete curriculum system will support the initial foundation and day-to-day running of your program


Post-VIP you'll unlock access to a private Voxer channel with me for sounding-board-style feedback and responses to any lingering questions about your new system.



“I’d been running a successful course and membership for 2 years. The original content was starting to feel outdated. And I struggled to add new content without overwhelming people. Everything felt very patchwork, so I knew I needed to do something in order to raise my prices.

I'm actually a teacher with a master's degree in education, so I thought this was a piece of my business I could DIY. I was wrong! Megan sorted out the complicated mess of ideas in my program and in my head. It was so satisfying to see my ideas come to life through the changes we made.

It was kind of magical!"


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Ready to turn your program into a standout success that also supports your lifestyle?


Let's do this.

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