Better teaching. Better learning.

Better business.


You can deliver a powerful learning experience inside your course or group program with a streamlined and refined signature curriculum.


You want to showcase your expertise. Advertise your value. And bring the right people into your circle.

So your program is an opportunity. A big one.

Not just to share what you know. But to craft a high-income, high-value business. One that supports your lifestyle AND your community.

If your frameworks and curriculum are really good, people will notice. They'll tell their friends. And you'll become to go-to.

A thriving course supporting a membership. A membership complementing a group program. 1:1 services customizing a group program.

No matter what direction you choose to go in, the frameworks and curriculum from your course, membership, or group program are the true foundation of your business.

A very successful business.

One that can...

  • Showcase your best and brightest ideas.
  • Guide your team to run your business with clarity and confidence.
  • Support your favorite clients while you're taking the day off with your family.

Your signature curriculum is your greatest asset. It's the unique, unmistakable value you bring to every offer. So give it the attention it needs to suit the lifestyle you really want.

Not the one you have right now. But the one you fantasize about when your head hits the pillow each night.


Need a hand? You're in the right place.


Here’s how I can help:

Ready to transform your business from good to go-sign-up-with-them-RIGHT-NOW?

A digital tool to help you explain, share, and sell your expertise with ease. (Without wondering what the hell to say… or if your ideas are any good.)

You'll get a repeatable framework formula for making your ideas shareable, sellable, and teachable. 

And instructional videos for how to use your new, future-proof tool to capture and organize your own knowledge base.


 A customized audit to improve your existing online course, membership, or group learning experience for you and your participants.

You’ll get a personalized program curriculum map and extensive feedback to enhance the quality of your existing program.

Plus, full access to Vault Your Value!


You don’t need to have everything figured out right now.


Just imagine the shift from...

Wondering how to make your program more appealing.

Waitlisting a full roster months in advance.

Brainstorming a notebook full of ideas you're not sure what to do with.

Confidently charting a clear path for your entire product suite.

Holding extra calls and Q&As to fill the gaps in your programs.

Serving up a core curriculum that gives students all the help they need.

Hesitating over bumping your prices even a little bit.

Typing an extra zero at the end and never looking back.



“While I was confident in the information I was sharing, it wasn't until I saw Megan’s suggestions and feedback that I truly realized there was so much more I could do to enhance how I was relaying the information to my students

The fact that Megan walked through my course as both a learner AND an online curriculum expert truly gave me the best of both worlds--I was able to see exactly where there were gaps in what I wanted to relay and how I could go about filling them.

I'm so excited to put what she and I discussed into practice not only for this course, but for other ones I develop so that my clients can continue to experience the transformations I'm looking to provide.”


The course designer you didn’t know existed but are so damn glad you found.

I started out as the high school teacher making Shakespeare cool. Then I showed college students how to write with confidence. And helped adult learners rock their first-ever online courses.

Now I work with successful online business owners to improve their courses, memberships, and small group programs.

My teacher-tested approach will help you upgrade your curriculum to fuel the program, business, and lifestyle you really want.



So, you want a high quality online program?

Check out my free planner for designing and managing online courses, memberships, and group programs.